Introduction of Web3Mon

MAXIMIZE THE UTILIZATION of NFTs you own and interact innovatively with other NFT collections on the multiverse. Web3Mon is the first multiverse P2E game designed to utilize and expand the utilities of NFTs that are currently issued. It presents a new vision by combining existing NFTs in two forms: multiverse and metaverse. You can participate in 'Play to Earn' by playing Web3Mon with your existing NFTs. Participating in the multiverse with your assets allows you to create new economic activities and interact with other collections.

Web3Mon is a P2E combined with an innovative multiverse world, a new type of NFT game ecosystem that has never existed before. Our ecosystem is designed with a gameplay loop and reward system that has a high level of detail and intricacy with Web3Mon at its core. It's a multiverse game that allows players to participate in and trade with their existing NFT assets, which enables them to venture into our carefully designed NFT fantasy world. Our Web3Mon project is sophisticated and executed by a powerful team that promises a very high level of gaming and worldview design and can be called the Avengers.

Web3Mon brings disruptive innovation to the P2E game model for NFT by maximizing blockchain technology's decentralization and on-chain ownership. Our ecosystem is designed to identify and essentially solve problems with existing P2E structures. P2E games that exist until now must purchase the corresponding NFT to participate in the Play to Earn. This is unsustainable and less scalable. We innovate P2E derived from the power of ownership brought by NFT. The focus is on integrating existing NFTs to bring collectors together to maximize the real experience of playing, competing, and gaining.

Our innovative model rewards players for their time and commitment to the game. Players can focus on achieving their goals and competing with other collections to get to the position of Web3Mon. Join your NFT collection and participate in the journey to take the position of the strongest NFT in the blockchain world. The choice in the game is entirely up to you. There is no fixed way to play Web3Mon, and each player and collection can make history through Web3Mon. The game provides in-game perks and online rewards to the player based on the player's behavior. Through this, we provide players with a new P2E experience and guarantee a new vision for the NFT world based on the worldview of the multiverse.

SJX Labs have the experience needed to create a new world based on their expertise in developing successful blockchain services and building game projects. We spend countless hours developing celestial NFT games that are much better and more prominent than our previous P2Es. We, Web3Mon, are confident that you and your friends will continue to fall into this multiverse world in the future. Are you still waiting? Join Web3Mon today and embark on a multiverse adventure with history, friendship, and challenges ahead!

Version: 2023.01

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