W3M Metaverse

The First and REAL NFT Multiverse Web3Mon

Users use their NFT as avatars to meet and chat with other Degens inside our Web3Mon Metaverse. In addition, users can chat via text and voice with each other, and collections can express thoughts on the collection’s billboards. The billboard and land size are decided by governance with WARRIOR Tokens.

(But we will launch WARRIOR tokens when our community is solidified. We plan to provide it so users can participate in our Web3Mon using only stablecoins for 4-6 months.)

Inside our Metaverse, users can play multiple games. The abilities and statistics for PVP and RPG games are based on the level of the character, rarity, and the basic statistics of the NFT collection. The player can level up by participating in the game.

PVP (Player versus Player) Combat game

It is a Pokemon-style turn-based combat game between players. Players can receive WARRIOR Token rewards if one wins the combat. Also, the function to bet on other players' games will be added.

RPG (Role Playing Game) style Quests

Various quests can be played by a single player or a group. Players can receive a WARRIOR Token as a quest reward.


Such as simple puzzle games(Bejeweled, match three style), card games(Solitaire, Poker), and board games(Gomoku, Chess) can be played inside the game.

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