Tokenomics ($WAR)

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  • To set ability statistics on each NFTs (NFT ability = collection base statistic + rarity effect)

    • collection base statistic

    • rarity effect on the base statistic

  • The critical factor to maintaining the balance of the overall game


  • Used as fees to enter battle. The winner takes the fee.

  • Used as fees to borrow another user's NFT. The owner takes the fee.

  • All transactions require fees. They moves to the protocol reserve.


Win from battle

Players who win another player from a PVP battle can get the total battle fee.

NFT Staking

User can stake their NFT to the Web3Mon protocol. Other users can use the NFTs in the protocol with paying fees. The owner of the NFT will receive the fee.


Tokens are airdropped from multiple events. It is sustainable from the transaction fee in the protocol reserve.

  • Monthly collection vote

  • NFT of the month

  • Quests (in RPG or other in-game tasks)

Supply Schedule

  • Fixed cap 10B. Does not mint additional tokens.

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