Skin(Clothes) NFT

Web3Mon's First NFT


The first NFT of Web3Mon is clothes. It is used as a character's skin in the game. When users enter the game, the NFT they own becomes the face in the Web3Mon game, and the Web3Mon NFT becomes the torso part.
There are 300 clothes and 5 backgrounds. A total of 1500 NFTs will be minted on each chain.
The five backgrounds reflect the characteristics of each chain, and if users go to the gamemap that fits it, user will be given an advantage. (The game map will also reflect the characteristics of each chain.)
example of NFT
Web3Mon NFT works in the game as follows:
There are five types of NFT backgrounds and gamemaps each.These five types reflect the characteristics of the five chains supported by Web3Mon. Users gain advantage by playing games where the characteristics of the NFT background and the gamemap match.
For example, If the user's NFT background represents NEAR, and he plays in NEAR gamemap, Web3Mon gives the user an advantage in skill ability.
The detailed capability value benefits will be disclosed later.
example on the game