Web3Mon Story

Where should we begin... The blockchain world called the Blockland was originally peaceful. The Blockland was made up of various and numerous NFT universes. All the universes were connected through the door of the BIFROST, but they lived independently without knowing each other's existence. Web3Mon universe NFT tribe among many universes was a symbol of a very advanced scientific civilization. The Web3Mon NFT tribe has developed Warinum, which creates an eternal power. They also smelt this mysterious substance and used a currency called WARRIOR Token. Those who owned more of the WARRIOR Token meant they were getting closer to eternal life.

In the BIFROST, there was a story that came down from the five ancient Sorcerers who controlled the order of the universe. "Never open the door. The moment you open the door, the source of all evil that separates the Blockland world and brings disaster will swallow everything. These hardships will spread throughout the world, and from then on, the NFT tribes will face a period of havoc." But like all other NFT tribes, the Web3Mon tribe was always full of questions about the BIFROST. They continued their research to unlock the secrets of the BIFROST that no one had ever solved. Then one day, they discovered that the door of the BIFROST responds to a constant frequency of Warinum, and they continued to work on it. The Web3Mon tribes continued smelling the Warinum at a specific temperature and putting it into a BIFROST groove. Then, on the 930th attempt, the BIFROST began to move when the smelted Warinum was poured at 1101 degrees Celsius. The BIFROST was finally starting to open.

It was the beginning of a disaster. As soon as the BIFROST door opened, it poured out a huge amount of radiation in a very short period. The NFT tribes of Web3Mon that opened the door all became dust as soon as it opened. It was the result of a challenge to taboo. This wasn't just a disaster for the Web3Mon tribe. The order of all dimensions has collapsed, and all the doors to the NFT universe have been opened. All the NFT tribes are connected through the Web3Mon Universe. Through this, the NFT tribes first learned of each other's existence, and chaos began. In addition, a massive amount of radiation came out of the open BIFROST, and the NFT tribes had to find a way to withstand it. This radiation flowed into all the NFT universes. Radiation began to destroy their universes gradually. In the meantime, the tribes found that only Warinum could be safe from radiation, and each of the NFT tribes in the Universe made armor to protect themselves in their own way.

The tribes had to make solid armor to protect themselves. And they needed Warinum and WARRIOR Token to be stronger and protect their gateways. The NFT tribe seemed to unite at first. They each elected a tribal representative, and the representatives formed a federation and agreed to govern the Web3Mon Universe's BIFROST and its gateways. In addition, Warinum and WARRIOR Tokens were distributed according to the set ratio. But an invisible crack was forming. What will happen to them?

They discussed and agreed on various issues and ran the Blockland quite democratically. But less than three months later, some tribes began to show ambitions for Warinum, and darkness was opening up in the Blockland. Without a strong ruler, Blockland seemed not to be able to escape from the chaos. This dark world officially opened up as the CryptoPunk tribe began to attack BAYC, which was a thorn in the eye. The BAYC tribe defended CryptoPunk's first attack well and began to discuss the future direction of the tribe. Other NFT tribes continued to have wars, big and small, with no hiding their greed for Warinum and WARRIOR Token.

Who will you ally with?

Can you be a hero in this age of chaos?

Tribes! Assemble!

Face it, Fight it, and Win it!

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